Multiplication Grid Makeover

The teaching community on twitter has been a daily source of inspiration for me over the years. I follow a variety of educators and # but I particularly enjoy and use ideas from the maths teachers I follow. This image is courtesy of @the_chalkface, a high school maths teacher in the UK but that doesn't put me … Continue reading Multiplication Grid Makeover

Last Counter Game

I try to create a playful atmosphere in my maths classroom but I'm not a big fan of maths games. I find the students are too caught up in winning to notice the maths. I think that comes down more to the way I structure the lesson rather than the value of the game itself. … Continue reading Last Counter Game

2D shape prompt

I slightly adapted this prompt for my grade 4 class by removing one of the shapes. The questions and comments generated kept us busy for a couple of weeks and by the end of the inquiry pretty much all the required benchmarks, and more, were ticked off.

Area Prompt

This inquiry prompt lends itself to be being used in a  number of different ways. The first time I used this prompt I used both images and the statement. The second time I just presented one image. The first kept the inquiry focused on area - the second left the inquiry far more open but eventually came … Continue reading Area Prompt