Area Prompt

This inquiry prompt lends itself to be being used in a  number of different ways. The first time I used this prompt I used both images and the statement. The second time I just presented one image. The first kept the inquiry focused on area - the second left the inquiry far more open but eventually came … Continue reading Area Prompt


Check out this amazing animation from that popped up my twitter feed via @RichardsonLiza. The infinite animation shows a sequence of dancing dots that form factorization diagrams. I covered the top left corner when showing the animation to students as it reveals too much about what is happening. Whilst the students watched the animation they … Continue reading Factorization

Always – Sometimes – Never : addition & subtraction

Task: sort the statements according to whether they are always, sometimes or never true. This was the first time for this routine with my class (I included an example for each statement to help my EAL students with the language). Here is how we tackled it: 1. We started with a quick sorting activity with groups … Continue reading Always – Sometimes – Never : addition & subtraction